Blind Services for Job Seekers

If you would like your resume stored "blindly" we'll do just that. Then we'll email you about employer placed advertised or unadvertised searches. Resumes are never posted to the website!
Additionally you can sign up for email updates by going to the right margin and hitting the "Send Me Job Info" button. We only require your email address and first and last name. 
After reviewing the job requirements you will have the option to have your resume forwarded to the employer. Agreements have been made with these employers to keep your inquiry completely confidential. Your resume will never be forwarded without your prior consent.
Our goal is to never jeopardize your current job while you search for new career opportunites. 
This silent service eliminates the possiblily that you will apply for your own job or any other offers from your current employer.

Please forward your resume to:
Carl Koester - President

Or, please feel free to give me a call at any time