Referral Services for Employers

We offer a referral service! Don't waste your time reviewing resumes from unqualified applicants. We'll do the work. All job postings are free, and you only pay a referral fee if you make a hire.
After we receive a request from you to find top talent to fill a position, we start a search. No resumes are forwarded to you until TireJobs has conducted the first interview with the job seeker. Resumes will only be submitted to you after TireJobs has determined they meet the desired skill set.
Search includes:

  • Posting your job to the TireJobs website
  • A complete search of our current database of resumes
  • A mass email sent to hundreds of job seekers
  • Selected standard and social media advertising

Referral options: All posting are blind (No company names are ever listed)

  • Job Posted: Your job is posted to the TireJobs website. We disclose the employer's name only to qualified applicants
  • Job Posted, Confidential: Your job is posted to the TireJobs website, but the employer's name is never released
  • Non - Posted: Your job is not posted to the TireJobs website - we conduct a completely blind & confidential search

For more information about posting a job, go to:

Post a Tire Job Information Form

Or, email or call

Carl Koester - President 
Office: 301-662-7223
Call or text: 301-371-2680